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    Les évènements de la vie!

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    The events of life!


Celebrate Easter in all simplicity

Being a host out of the commun is not easy. This year, we want to help you celebrate without stress or worries – check out our tips and ideas for a Easter ease reception. Stress-free Easter Recipes For A Carefree Hostess So you’re planning an Easter celebration. Too bad you haven’t sprouted an extra pair […] Read more…


Weilbrenner Lebeau Porcelain

I told you about Fairytale Wedding where the princess themes were being honored. I have mentioned the Little Red Riding Hood.               During my visit to the Salon des métiers d’art de Montréal, I had a Coup de Coeur for the cottage collection with deer, branches and Little Red Riding Hood from […] Read more…

Groomsmen Duties

Groomsmen Duties

What do those guys actually do? Pre-wedding Attend formalwear shopping and fittings Be the groom’S confidant and counselor Plan the Bachelor Party! The days before / of Be available to run errands / make pick-ups as necessary Ceremony Hold the bride’s rings until the exchange of vows (Best Man) Carry cash in case of emergency […] Read more…


Creative place card ideas

Impress guests at your next dinner party with these 6 fab place card ideas. Though it might seem a tad formal in this age of casual entertaining, setting place cards at your table is a thoughtful and charming way to guide guests to their seats, whether you’re hosting a soiree for 60 or an intimate […] Read more…


Visit to the Show

I was visiting the Salon des métiers d’art de Montréal December 18th. A beautiful show where art, artisan and creativity are being honored. I had several Coup de Coeur, so over the weeks I’ll let you know about it. Dishes, dolls, clothes up to enjoy the gourmet palate. Come read us often! Read more…

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