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Lessons in Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Former brides + brides-to-be share their pearls of wisdom ‘Tis the season to get married! Summer is a time when many couples get hitched, but we often wonder, “How do brides remain calm, cool and collected as they prepare for that momentous walk down the aisle?” Below, our married (and soon-to-be-married) readers impart some sound […] Read more…


Celebrate Easter in all simplicity

Being a host out of the commun is not easy. This year, we want to help you celebrate without stress or worries – check out our tips and ideas for a Easter ease reception. Stress-free Easter Recipes For A Carefree Hostess So you’re planning an Easter celebration. Too bad you haven’t sprouted an extra pair […] Read more…

hostess gift

Why not offer an Unexpected Hostess Gift?

Read this blogpost and thought that it was quite appropriate and thoughtful. In the world of politeness and well civil manners, we should always bring a gift to the hostess that is receiving us. No matter if we are requested or not to bring something. The simplest courtesy is to bring a gift that pleases […] Read more…

popcorn and cocktails

Popcorn & Cocktails

Came across this blogpost from Emily, where she went to a restaurant and ordered popcorn and cocktails and eventually she reused the concept, at home because it was fun and simple  with parmesan-thyme-black pepper popcorn and Manhattans. This idea is great with the upcoming Valentine’s day. I don’t know about all of you, but we […] Read more…


The art of napkin folding

It’s a nice little book on the art of napkin folding. Love the settings information, so you don’t make any impair while set upping your table. There’s several style, place setting, place card and accessories to embellish your napkins and your table. “…People at that time ate with their fingers and a knife, and either […] Read more…

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